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ANNOUNCEMENT2 September 2019China Exchanges Services Company Limited will make the constituent changes to the following index。 The adjustments will be implemented after the close of relevant exchange on 13 September 2019。CES CRIC Leading Mainland Property Developer IndexAdditionCodeExchangeStock Name1622。HKSEHKRedco Properties Group Ltd1996。HKSEHKRedsun Properties Group Ltd2019。HKSEHKDexin China Holdings Co Ltd2329。HKSEHKGlory Land Co Ltd3990。HKSEHKMidea Real Estate Holding LtdDeletionCodeExchangeStock Name3366。HKSEHKOverseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings LtdFor more information, please contact:China Exchanges Services Company LimitedEmail: cescinfo@cesc。comWebsite: www。cesc。comAbout CESCCESC is a joint venture formed and equally owned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, the Sh。。。

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Daily Index Information

  • Sector Breakdown of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Sector Breakdown of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)
Top 5 Sectors Change(%) Bottom 5 Sectors Change(%)
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